Mijn orakel kaart voor vandaag



The Perpetual Bloom Some things in this life are so beautiful and breath-taking.  There is so much amazement, wonder and brilliance around us that we naturally want to hold onto it forever.  We are all constantly taking photos of people and situations in hopes to capture that exact feeling and memory; however it is never the same as the actual moment.  It is a very common feeling to want to capture something as it is, forever preserving it in its momentary perfection.  For you this might be a person, place or event.  You can do all you can to freeze time, but you must know that in your efforts to do so, you will only be left feeling displeased.  You must understand that every person, place or event is precious in its own right.  When we strive to preserve a moment in time, we miss out on other moments that are just as happy or beautiful.  This card is a message for you to appreciate all that comes before you, but then also let it go, knowing that you will always have the memory.  More beautiful times are yet to come…


 See more at: http://connectiontocreative.com/oracle-whats-your-reality/#sthash.MT8mxjCd.dpuf


Geef weer genoeg tot nadenken en omdenken….






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